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August 26, 2011

Why Blog?

Why not blog?  It seems that everyone else out there has a blog of their own, so why not me too?  Maybe I was feeling left out of from a piece of technology, a little left behind by the cool kids.  I mean I embrace technology in all other mediums; I was just missing a personal blog.  Well, actually, I have abandoned some forms or social media and technological mediums as they become out of date.  Really, who uses msn anymore?

Now the questions is what kind of blog should I keep?  Formal or informal?  Focused or broad?  I suppose only time will tell.

Truthfully the main reason I thought I’d start my own blog, is because I believe that in doing so, I will be motivated to write on a regular basis.  As a teacher, more specifically an English teacher, it’s important to ‘practice what you preach.’  Often times students have difficult times expressing themselves and their ideas a loud.  And experience shows that when the words are stuck on the tip of your tongue, out of fear of judgment by others, it’s easier to let the words flow through your fingers. 

Wow…just now I’ve realized that the way this blog is going to work is simply to allow the letters to form words, the words to form sentences, the sentences to form paragraphs, and all of this to represent my thoughts as they come.  No rhyme or reason.  Hopefully the combined thoughts within each post will not wonder or lose focus too much.

So…at the end of this first post, I want to thank your for stopping by, and hopefully for coming back.  I will do my best to share some cohesive ideas about My Life, My Thoughts, and in My Words.