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April 30, 2012


So when I started this blog in the Summer I had all the intensions in the world to post once a week.  Well, okay, I knew that wouldn’t be realistic for me.  I was really thinking once ever couple of week; but definitely thought it would on a regular basis.

It looks like life got in the way of that plan.  In a good way though.  Soon after the school year had started I was called in as a TOC for a weeks time.  No sooner did that week end, that I was asked to stay for another week.  Day-by-day I kept teaching in that same position.  After the maximum amount of time spent as a TOC in one position, 28 days, I went to HR and asked for a Temporary Contract.  And a temporary contract is what I got.  Granted it was “until return of incumbent.”  That didn’t bother me though, any contract, even a temporary contract, meant I was starting to build my seniority and would now be ahead of other TOCs in the district.  This was a good thing, even if I didn’t know how long I’d be teaching for.

I made it to Christmas Break!  This was a great thing.  It kept me busy, my free time after schools was now taken up with planning course material and marking the students work.  (Yes, even with the strike action, I was still marking, it would have to be done sooner or later.)  I had a great Christmas Break, enjoying myself.  It was the first time I’d actually been paid for time off; a novel idea. 

Into the new year, I knew I was to be back TOCing.  The teacher I had been covering for was returning to work.  Well that didn’t last long, shortly after school had been back in, I was asked to come back and share the position with a 0.5FTE (I’d be working half the week).  Again, no complaints from me, it meant another temporary contract, more seniority, and a guaranteed income!  And as if it were luck, I was finally asked to take over again as a 1.0FTE.  I was back working full time in one position.  And I’m still there today! 

As I mentioned all this teaching has taken up my free time.  My free time that I intended on spending blogging, among other things.  It’s become a balancing act, juggling school, home, and health.  So with this some of my pass time activities have been neglected.  The blog, geocaching, reading, among others.  Geocaching was neglected simply because of my extended hours.  I’d leave and come home in the dark hours.  And lets face it, after extended days I was drained and didn’t really feel much like doing anything.  Now being in a groove, and having an easier course load for teaching this term, I hope that I’m able to get out more. 

Of course with many things constantly changing in my life, it’s my goal to write at least one blog every two weeks.  To accomplish this goal I’m going to set aside some time (1 hour) to sit and relax and write.  I may just start writing drafts in pen, then transferring them to the web.  That’s what I’ll do!  I’ve been so careful not to neglect my home life, or school life, and my fitness that I’m sure I can add in one or two more activities.  Even if only for a couple of hours a month.
Balance is the key.