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about me

why hello there

Welcome to my humble little blog; my minute space of the internet.  I’m D’Alice Marsh, a teacher without with a contract, a life long learner.  I love embracing all life has to offer, the good and the bad, nothing could be more important to me than my family & friends.  Without them my life would be some shade of dark grey.

my home

I live on Canada’s West Coast, in beautiful British Columbia.  I was raised in the Lower Mainland, in a city named Maple Ridge.  But I now call the city of Vancouver, one of the world’s most spectacular cities, my home.  More than anything my home, the place I feel the most loved and the most at home, is with my three boyz; Jeremy, the love of my life, and Sam & Gimli, our two boys (well…okay…they’re our two cats).  To use a cliché, home truly is where the heart is.

my life

I pretend to be am a teacher, I’m trained, qualified, and certified.  I just haven’t had the luck to grab a permanent contract, so I spend my evenings with iPhone in hand.  Just waiting for that magical call to say I’ll be teaching for the day.  To make sure I don’t drown in debt, I continue to work for one of the local mountains.  Have to admit, it has its perks…all the boarding I want at no cost.  I have had the luck of grabbing a couple of temporary contracts, so I no longer long for that infamous phone call.  I do however still spend my nights with phone in hand, I think I'm addicted to it after having to have it with me constantly for years.  And a few months ago, I was able to quit my secondary job, and I no longer work at Grouse Mountain.  I now have a guaranteed income!  After a decade or more of playing rugby, I made the decision to step off the field and onto the sidelines.  Who knew it was a great place to be…I get to wake up every Sunday now able to walk without pain.  To take the place of hours on the field, I’ve turned to bootcamp.  Every other day I wake up before sunrise to have my @$$ handed to me (I can’t believe I actually pay for to be punished).