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June 03, 2013

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere

Take52 Challenge – Week 14

Pre-amble…I may be behind on my posting; however, all photographs were taken during the week they were challenged.  My home computer has bit the dust and finding time to use (borrow) other computers has been difficult, and then there was a vacation, and then there was the start of the new school term.  I’m now hoping that I will be able to post on a regular basis….

I love when family is in town.  You tend to get out more and explore, going places you normally wouldn’t take the time to visit.  While my cousin’s daughter was still in town we took the time to go to Chinatown.  (Okay, it is somewhere I would go normally; I did take my photos there for the “Red” Challenge). 

While walking throughout Chinatown, I came across an unusual pattern.  Or a not necessarily an unusual pattern, but a pattern we normally wouldn’t consider.  A Foo-Dog. 

Aperture Priority; ISO 640; Shutter 1/1250; Aperture f5.6; Focal Length 35mm; ev 0; WB – Shade

And why not include another pattern?  Skiers and boarders are covered head to toe in patterns; the louder the better.  I wasn’t interested in these patterns; I thought I’d look down.  While looking down, I came across some patterns that typically go ignored. 

Aperture Priority; ISO 200; Shutter 1/40; Aperture f7.1; Focal Length 80mm; ev 0; WB – Shade

As always I welcome any thoughtful critiques.

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