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June 03, 2013

Ooey, Gooey, Goodness

Take52 Challenge – Week 13

Pre-amble…I may be behind on my posting; however, all photographs were taken during the week they were challenged.  My home computer has bit the dust and finding time to use (borrow) other computers has been difficult, and then there was a vacation, and then there was the start of the new school term.  I’m now hoping that I will be able to post on a regular basis….

Sticky, that’s easy.  No challenge here.  Look for a yummy food item that you eat with your hands.  Of course this food item must be sticky.

As a short mini get-away to Whistler was in order; no, not just for this photo challenge.  My cousin’s daughter was in town for a visit from Michigan, her first visit to Vancouver on her own.  Throughout all of her trips to Vancouver she has never been to Whistler.  So we were off.  I have a number of quintessential places I like to eat while there.  One of which being Beaver Tails.  If you have never heard of Beaver Tails, it is another version of a Whale’s Tail.  It is fried dough with a heap of messy toppings.  Well you could have it plain with sugar and cinnamon; however, the more you pile on the yummier it is.  At least in my mind.

After a Peak to Peak trip up to the top of of Whistler mountain and a to Blackcomb mountain, we decided it was necessary to stop for an afternoon snack at Beaver Tails.  While we could’ve gone to the one located in the Village, we wanted to enjoy the sunshine in the Spring-like snow conditions on the mountain.  Although my cousin’s daughter went for the not-so-sticky option, I loaded myself up with the ooey gooey goodness.  The Triple Trip; a Nutella base with peanut butter drizzle and Reese’s Pieces.  Yummy, Ooey, Gooey, Goodness.  My mouth is watering with the thought.

Manual Priority; ISO 1000; Shutter 1/800; Aperture f16; Focal Length 48mm; ev 0; WB – Shade

As always I welcome any thoughtful critiques.

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