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June 03, 2013

Motion a Buzz Downtown

Take52 Challenge – Week 12

Pre-amble…I may be behind on my posting; however, all photographs were taken during the week they were challenged.  My home computer has bit the dust and finding time to use (borrow) other computers has been difficult, and then there was a vacation, and then there was the start of the new school term.  I’m now hoping that I will be able to post on a regular basis….

Thinking about motion I was indecisive.  I couldn't decide how I wanted to capture it.  I was downtown Vancouver for a staff retreat and knew there would be a constant buzz of motion.  Thankfully it was a sunny afternoon.  I took off during our lunch break and headed down to the water.  These photographs represent only a small portion of the buzzing motion during a sunny afternoon lunch hour.

I love the first as I feel that it captures the quint essential feeling of the City Wharf in Coal Harbour about a century ago. It is  a half scaled freight shed and is meant to represent the industrial activity at the time.  Paired with the flying seagull and the contrast between the dark storm clouds mixed with the highlights of the direct sun, is speaks to me.  

Aperture Priority; ISO 250; Shutter 1/2500; Aperture f4.8; Focal Length 55mm; ev 0; WB – Sunlight

This next one is a simple water feature that I happened to be walking past on my way back to meet my colleagues after lunch.  I'm drawn to the warmth provided by sun kissing the water through the tall buildings downtown.

Shutture Priority; ISO 200; Shutter 1/30; Aperture f5.6; Focal Length 80mm; ev 0; WB – Shade

As always I welcome any thoughtful critiques.

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