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March 08, 2013

Sprouts – Time for a Little Colour

Take52 Challenge – Week 9

This was a challenge for me in many ways.  How do you interpret “sprouts”?  Well…I’m not a fan of sprouts; whether they are brussel sprouts or sprouted greens, bean sprouts are okay but are not in our refrigerator on a regular basis.  They certainly were not there this week.  I could go to the store to buy some sprouts to photography; but lets be honest, I wouldn’t be eating them after so it would be a waste of money and food.  So, it was to the outdoors to find something sprouting.  I can’t find anything sprouting in my house, since my cats both eat any plants and flowers that are brought in.

Keep in mind I live in Vancouver; this time of year we have liquid sunshine and long hours of darkness brought on by the grey clouds.  Well, I don’t think that we have much light, that’s only because my workdays bring me home after the little light we’ve had is gone for the day.

On my day off I ventured outside into my front yard in the rain.  I made sure to wear my raincoat, but didn’t bother to put one on my camera.  You see I wasn’t going to be outside that long.  Just long enough to where I didn’t want to get damp, since I knew I’d then be cold the rest of the day.

Not many plants are sprouting in my gardens.  Most are perennials that are simply green leaves.  I do have my one favorite plant though.  And this is the best time of year for it.  This plant brings life back to the garden.  It brings just a splash of colour, not too much.  But, this plant always manages to bring a smile to my face.  (At the same time a sense responsibility and a sense of need to tend to the weeds that have taken over during the dreary winter months).

Even though I love that fact that this plant brings life back to my gardens, I think I love the fact that when it starts to “sprout” and buds begin to appear it symbolizes the nearing of the end of our wet winters.  It lets me know that somewhere just around the corner spring will appear, bringing an always much anticipated time away from school.  Providing me a little rejuvenation.

This plant is my Lenten Rose.  My mother had one outside of her kitchen window and I’d always loved it.  There was something unique about it, it always stood out from the rest of the plants.  I loved this plant so much, that when I moved out of the house and started planting a garden of my own, it was the first plant I placed in my cart while shopping at the garden centre.  I know if I ever move, that I will be planting another Lenten Rose.

Aperture Priority; ISO 3200; Shutter 1/400; Aperture f5.6; Focal Length 75mm; ev 0; WB - Cloudy

As always I welcome any thoughtful critiques.

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